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Wheel washers

Brushcom manufactures two types of wheel washers, for use in the vast majority of was tunnel systems.

Wheel washer “Express” 

The “Express” wheel washer is the latest model developed and manufactured in our factory. The "Express" is fitted with 1 mm PE filaments with a strong and long lasting one level bristle section at the front and back. The bristles are die-cut to a hardened PE core. The "Express" has a long-life span.

Wheel washer with PE mats

We developed a wheel brush that can be used in almost every wash tunnel machine type or brand. The wheel brush is made with 120 mm axles. Cylindrical or eccentric shaped PE mats are fixed on the axle. Different colored PE mats can easily be combined. The axle doesn't have to be demounted to replace the PE mats, which saves time and money. 

Next to our In-House developed wheel brushes, we can also supply you with:

  • Replacement wheel brushes for nearly every wash tunnel brand
  • Wheel brush discs in various sizes, for roll-over units and wash tunnels (with or without high-pressure gap)
  • Accessories, like hydraulic or electric engines, bearings, axle couplings, etc.

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