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StarFoam washing material is made of a new generation 100% closed cell foam.

Starfoam is perfect to use as a top brush due to the light weight of the material. The weight stays stable because Starfoam doesn't absorb water or dirt. So less wear and tear on the installation, bearings and engines. StarFoam has a unmatched cleaning range because of a brush diameter of Ø1.350mm (53”). Starfoam washes soft and quiet, is 100% safe and creates a great shine.

  • Light weight
  • No absorption of water or dirt
  • High cleaning performance
  • No weight fluctuation or balance problems
  • Gentle for your equipment
  • 100% safe
  • Quick and easy to install on any brand or type wash tunnel system
  • Unmatched cleaning range by a brush diameter of Ø1.350mm (53”) also available in Ø1.000mm (39”)
  • No material abrasion on the vehicle's paint finish
  • Segments are easy and fast to replace
  • 100% colorfast
  • For hydraulic and electric wash tunnel systems
  • Custom made solutions possible

On test locations StarFoam washes up to 250.000 cars before replacement was even considered.


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