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The disadvantage of a cloth top brush is that it absorbs a lot of water. High absorption of water causes huge differences in weight, which causes negative effects on the installation, engines and bearings. Wear and tear, a huge repair bill and broken car parts are the outcome.

Brushcom has the solution. A hybrid top brush which combines cloth and foam. Only the parts that touch the vehicle are made of cloth. All other parts are made of soft and safe materials that do not absorb water or dirt.

After a long testing period, the first Hybrid brushes are operational. The results are above expectations. The hybrid top brush creates a excellent wash result and leaves a beautiful shine on the car. The brush has a light stable weight, which stays stable. This means less wear and tear on the installation, engines and bearings. The combination of cloth and foam also makes sure that the fingers of the washing parts stay in shape. So no more damage to windscreen wipers. Next to that the hybrid top brush washes more silent then other top brushes.



  • Foam and cloth combined to a new innovated wash material Hybrid
  • Washes with cloth and has the solidity of foam
  • Very high cleaning performance
  • Long life span
  • 100% safe
  • Gentle for your equipment
  • Minimal weight fluctuation or balance problems
  • No material abrasion on the vehicle's paint finish
  • Quick and easy to install on any brand or type wash tunnel system
  • Segments are easy and fast to replace
  • For hydraulic and electric wash tunnels
  • Custom made solutions possible
  • First-class top brush!



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