'Custom made' is our standard

Whether you prefer “standard” car wash brushes or “custom made” solutions, Brushcom is the leading manufacturer. We can make brushes for any type or brand hydraulic or electric carwash installation.

We use a digital cutter to produce cloth, foam and textile components. Digital cutting is a fast, accurate and flexible production technique. It enables us to cut “custom-made” or “original” shapes.

In our sewing workshop, which is equipped with the best sewing machinery, we stitch the components together. We also produce aluminum (C-Channel) shafts, and cores in various lengths and flange dimensions. Our short production process, followed by our quality control, guarantees fast delivered and high quality car wash brushes.

  • snijmachine

    Your (custom made) brushes are cut with our digital cutter...

  • stikkerij

    ...the seperate pieces are stiched to one...

  • techniek

    ...on request, we can produce new (custom made) c-core shafts in our workshop.
  • magazijn

    Standard wash cloth and foam on stock.

  • magazijn-foam

    We have a large stock of raw materials...
  • magazijn-textiel

    ...so your order doesn't take long to produce.


  • High quality custom made car wash brushes
  • Wash cloth, foam, hybrid washing material, polish cloth and drying cloth on stock
  • Aluminum square, round or C-channel shafts and cores
  • In-House R&D, design and custom manufacturing
  • Fast delivery
  • Many satisfied customers in Europe


Roel Muskens


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