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MicroDry is a high pile micro fiber textile which was especially developed to absorb the residue water after drying. MicroDry consists of two different micro fibers. The combination of microfibers provide an excellent absorption and immediate dispose of residue water. Therefore MicroDry, when normally used, always remains dry.

MicroDry can be installed after the dryers in wraparounds, top brushes and mitters of all carwash tunnel brands and systems. By a unique Velcro system it is easy to (dis)assemble MicroDry for cleaning.

MicroDry textile is produced by high quality standards. Due to a special developed machine MicroDry can be produced inside-out and then turned. The result of this production method is a high quality seamless MicroDry product that ensures a long life span.

Besides absorbing residue water MicroDry will also absorb leftover wax and dirt. Therefore MicroDry needs to be cleaned. MicroDry can be cleaned in a standard washing machine on 60°c with conventional detergent without fabric softner.

  • 3D open fibers
  • Very long lasting material
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 100°C
  • No material abrasion on the vehicle's paint finish
  • Seamless manufacturing
  • Available in various shapes and lengths
  • Available with Velcro attachment
  • Custom made solutions


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