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Vacuum hoses

Our 1,5" (38 mm) vacuum hose is extremely flexible and lightweight. The heavy duty wear surface provides long life superior toughness. The vacuum hose is crush-resistant and virtually kink-proof. The smooth interior ensures an efficient vacuum and unobstructed flow. Cold weather has no influence on the superior flexibility of our vacuum hose.

Available in 6 colours



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Couplings and nozzles

We offer a complete range of hose couplings, nozzles and stainless steel nozzle holders.

The hose couplings are made of PVC material. We offer them in various models, from rotatable nozzle couplings to hose connectors.

Next to couplings, we offer regular nozzles and nozzles with reducer (to avoid clogging) in 3 different colours and a stainless steel nozzle holder.


Roel Muskens


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