The handmade brushes are fitted with fine synthetic fibers. These fibers absorb large amounts of water. Combined, this makes for an excellent result.

The synthetic hairs are resistant to chemicals. They do not break and have a long life span.

  • kortesteel-hoghair
  • langesteel-hoghair
  • V-roundersmall-hoghair
  • V-rounderbig-hoghair
  • Rounder-hoghair


Our soft hog's hair brushes are made by hand with hog's hair of the finest quality.

The hog's hair brushes absorp an enormous amount of water and are perfect for scratch free (pre) cleaning.



Our polythylene brushes are made by hand, using the best quality polythylene bristles.

Polythylene brushes absorpt a lot of water and are best used for (pre) clening rims or very dirty parts of the verhicle, boat, camper of caravan.


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