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Conveyor parts

We offer a wide range of conveyor parts for the majority of car wash conveyor systems. We deliver fast, due to our large stock:

  • Open or closed car wash conveyor chain
  • Complete roller or separate parts
  • Sprockets and drums
  • Guide rails

Conveyor chains

Wash Parts is your partner for the best quality car wash conveyor chains. Our open and closed chains are completely galvanized, yellow chromated, pre-stretched, paired and marked.


We produce high quality rollers for the majority of car wash conveyor brands and types.

Spare parts:

  • Bushings with hardened axles and hardened flanges
  • Chain links
  • Pins in hardened & passivated steel of hardened white steel
  • Round or flat feetprotectors

Sprockets and drums

Made from high quality steel with hardened teeth or discs. On stock.

Guide rails

We can supply you with steel galvanized guide rails or nylon guide rails directly from our stock.


Roel Muskens


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